Dear members, supporters, pupils, teachers and friends,

The Italian Foundation for Early Music urgently needs your help.

For over 50 years, FIMA has been at the forefront in the production, teaching and research in the fields of Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque music and dance.

Our Courses and Festival are hosted every summer in the historical town of Urbino and gather over 300 musicians of all ages, usually coming from more than 30 nations. Over the years they became an international landmark in the dissemination and performance of early music.

Our Library – open to the public – and our annual academic journal Recercare are among the main Italian resources in this field to have reached international recognition.

Unfortunately, cuts to public and private funding have drastically affected the financial sustainability of these initiatives, which have been possible in recent years only thanks to the determination, passion and endeavours of many people who believed in the importance and potential of what we do.

The cancellation of this year’s edition of the Festival and Courses – due to the measures aimed at the mitigation of the spread of COVID19 – pose now an immediate risk to the survival of the Foundation itself, and of all its activities.

For this reason, I am asking the support of those who joined us in our activities in the past, and of all those who share our enthusiasm and passion for early music as a living practice, as a focus of research, but also as an opportunity for aggregation, discovery and sheer enjoyment.

If you’d like to contribute – any small or large amount is welcome – you can do so through our crowdfunding campaign available at:

The future of the Foundation, and of its historic activity, might depend from your contribution. Thank you for your support and we hope to meet you again – or for the first time – in the many years to come.


Prof. Gabriele Rossi Rognoni

President of the Italian Foundation for Early Music