Urbino Musica Antica 2022

Susanne Scholz

/// Violin

Period: 21th - 25th July

During Susanne Scholz‘s course, the various playing techniques on violin instruments, such as instrument and bow holding positions, will be adressed as well as how to best express oneself by exploiting their particular characteristics, including the exclusive use of uncovered gut strings. Various bows and particular instruments will be made available during the course.

Susanne Scholz


Free choice of compositions from the 16th, 17th and 18th century

The teacher

Violinist on Renaissance, Baroque and Classical instruments and conductor of ensembles from the Renaissance consort to an opera ensemble, performs concerts and gives master classes and lectures throughout Europe and beyond. In addition to her studies in Graz, Vienna and The Hague she gained musical experience in many European countries.

Since 1995 Susanne has been active as a teacher, first in Vienna (Private University), then from 1999 to 2017 in Leipzig and since 2012 in Graz, where she is a professor for baroque violin and chamber music/baroque orchestra and head of the Early Music department. Working together regularly with colleagues from all over Europe, she strives to demonstrate and pass on her interest and passion for new questions in music practice. She also explores new repertoire and how to convey this cultural richness to the audience.

Susanne Scholz directed major opera productions in Leipzig, many of them as first modern-day performances, with operas by Sebastiani, Heinichen, Telemann, Bononcini, Förster, Blow and Hasse. She has also led major works by Vivaldi, Purcell, Campra, Stradella, Fux, Draghi and Lully. In all these productions, Susanne Scholz directs the musical side of the productions from the concertmaster’s desk. In Graz, Susanne Scholz is currently conducting opera productions of a series (called “Opernkurzgenuss”) in cooperation between the University of Arts and the Opera Graz so far with compositions by Monteverdi, Händel, G.M.Bononcini and Rameau . 

From 2018 Susanne is working on her doctoral theses and is extending her experience also towards contemporary music.

Numerous recordings bear witness to her artistic activity, the realization of her artistic research has led to CD productions with her ensemble chordae freybergenses on copies of the famous instruments of the cathedral of Freiberg / Saxony (2016) and to a very special recording of the Sonatas Opus V by Arcangelo Corelli with her harpsichord partner Michael Hell (released by Querstand in 2015 and 2018).

The research carried out in the field of historical musical practice has led to three very special recordings that Susanne Scholz has recently made: one with her Renaissance ensemble “chordae freybergenses” and, together with her favorite harpsichordist Michael Hell until now she recorded two CDs, “L’Immagine di Corelli” (2018) and “The origins of Corelli” (2022).


During the last fifteen Susanne Scholz has lectured on different matters within the performance practice field as “Ornaments”, “Methodik”, “Source reading”, special arguments like “Violin positions in the 17th and 18th century”, “French violin playing in the 17th and the beginning of the 18th century”, “Bowing sources for violin playing”, about the project of the “Freiberg Renaissance Instruments” as well as generally about artistic research and early music topics.