Il corso è aperto a tutti clavicembalista, professionisti, studenti o amatori.
Ci concentreremmo più particolarmente su :

-Il secondo Clavicembalo ben temperato di J.S. Bach
-Il quarto Libro di F. Couperin
-Sonate di Scarlatti

Altri repertori sono anche benvenuti.


French harpsichordist, Frédérick Haas’ passion for the harpsichord started in early childhood and he began playing at the age of twelve. He studied the harpsichord, organ and musicology at Paris and Amsterdam, and was enriched by regular contact with important original instruments and the workshops of harpsichord builders and restorers, and at master classes.
At the age of 26, he recorded his first solo album, dedicated to the harpsichord suites by J.H.
Anglebert. His discography, regularly acclaimed by the international press, was soon enriched by
recordings of the complete works for harpsichord by J. Ph. Rameau, works by J.S. Bach (English
Suites, Goldberg Variations, Concertos, Well-tempered Clavier), F. Couperin, D. Scarlatti and
Frédérick Haas performs as a soloist worldwide on the harpsichord and fortepiano in addition to
directing Ausonia, the ensemble which he co-founded with violinist, Mira Glodeanu, the purpose
of which being to give birth to original musical projects.
Frédérick Haas has been the professor of harpsichord at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels
since 1997. The harpsichord by H. Hemsch, 1751, and a fortepiano F. Hofmann, Vienna, 1785-
1790, have been entrusted into his care.
In 2015, Frederick Haas founded the publishing organisation, Hitasura Productions, a platform
for the free deployment of his future projects.
In 2018, as Producer for national broadcasting compagny France Musique, Frédérick Haas was
the artistic coordinator of the wide project Scarlatti 555.