Classification of courses

The planned courses are divided into the following types:

  • 5 to 10 days main course of instrument, voice and dance in the morning
  • 3 to 5 days seminar
  • 5-day morning chamber music course
  • Chamber music course in the afternoon with 2 cycles of 3 lessons
  • Supplementary afternoon courses or workshops of 5 or more days
  • Orchestra
  • Special artistic project with final event

Frequency of instrument lessons

During instrument, singing and chamber music courses in the morning, students will receive lessons daily or at most every two days. In the afternoon chamber music courses, the lesson will be daily and for the entire ensemble.

Special projects and concerts

Students are required to respect the schedules and commitments agreed with the teacher.

Those who miss 30% of the tests related to a project will be automatically excluded from the final concert.

Duration of the lesson on the day of the teacher’s concert

The teacher can, if she/he deems it necessary, shorten the lesson scheduled on the day of his concert or recuperate it later.

Medical assistance

Teachers and students are required to have the national health service card with them if they are Italian citizens, the TEAM card if they are European citizens or they must have medical insurance. It is also mandatory to indicate the telephone number of a person to contact in case of illness.

Musical instruments and other material of the teachers or students

Teachers and students are responsible for safeguarding their musical instruments and other materials. FIMA is not liable for damage or loss of tools or materials left unattended.

Musical instruments and other FIMA materials

The teachers and students are required to use with the utmost care the tools and other objects given them by FIMA. It is specifically forbidden to move FIMA tools or materials from the place where they were placed without prior authorization.

Keyboard instruments

Students are specifically prohibited from doing the following actions without having received authorization from the course management:

  • Tune the instrument
  • Transpose the keyboard
  • Remove the lid
  • Move the instrument
  • Act on the jacks

Students should refer to staff dedicated to these activities.

Music stand

Students must have their own music stand.

Concert dress

Students must have black concert clothes with them.

Student concerts

The student concerts take place as part of the Armonie al Crepuscolo festival, special projects and orchestra.

Economic coverage of the initiatives of teachers and students

FIMA organizes the courses and the festival in Urbino taking into account its financial availability; any additional initiative of teachers or students must have economic coverage and be subject to prior approval.