1) – The competition is open to groups composed of 3 to 5 elements (any scoring) who are resident in the European Community.

2) – The members of the groups shall not be less than 18 years old and not more than 30 years old.

3) – Programmes from Ars Nova to Romanticism on original instruments are allowed.

4) – The evaluation criteria of the jury will concern the technical preparation of the musicians, the quality of the ensemble, and above all the research and the concept that are behind the chosen programme and its presentation.

5) – All participants must present a Negative Test Result for a Covid-19 molecular swab. The test must have been performed no longer than 48 hours from the day of the first phase of the competition (2 July 2021).


Registration fee: 30,00 euros

1 – Preliminary phase: a video of 10/12 minutes of the programme of the ensemble’s choice will be sent by June 1, 2021 to the following e-mail address


FIMA will select from a minimum of three to a maximum of six groups for the semifinal round and will inform them that they passed the preliminary round by June 10, 2021.

2 – Semifinals (2 July 2021): 20/25-minute programme of the ensemble’s choice, different from that of the preliminary phase. From this, 3 groups will be selected for the final round.

3 – Finals (3 July 2021): 30/35-minute programme of the ensemble’s choice, different from those of the previous rounds.

Prize to the winning ensemble: 1300 euros, and a performance slot at the UMA summer festival (25 July 2021).

FIMA will provide a two-manual harpsichord. Any tuning to be done by the performer.

The scores to be performed must be sent.

Please note:

Travel, board and lodging expenses related to finals and semifinals in Rome (2, 3 July 2021) shall be borne by the participants

For the performance in Urbino, the winning ensemble is entitled solely to the reimbursement of travel and accommodation expenses.

Throughout the competition, participants are required to follow the Covid-19 health prevention rules based on the Prime Ministerial Decree or Decree Law in force.

Any communication must be sent by e-mail to the following address: concorsi@fima-online.org

All the members of the participating ensembles are required to know the regulations, as well as to abide by them. This will enable FIMA to treat each participant with efficiency and clarity. Failure to read these regulations does not constitute proof of non-acceptance of them, which shall be taken as fully signed at the time of registration. The undersigned accepts the regulations and consequently the choices made by the jury.

During the event, photographs and film footage will be taken by the Competition Organization. Acceptance of the regulations includes release relating to the use of such material. The audio and video material may be used for information purposes.

The Artistic Commission of the Competition will have ultimate decisive power over any issue not covered by these regulations,

The Competition Organization Commission is not responsible for any accidents to people or for unforeseen occurrences  during the trip or the entire period of the Competition.

Registration for the Competition implies knowledge and unconditional acceptance of the aforementioned regulations and constitutes, on the part of the participant, explicit consent to the processing of personal data by the Organization.


To take part in the Competition, the ensemble is required to pay a registration fee of 30 euros. Applicants may register exclusively through the online form, which provides for the payment of the deposit by credit card, either using PayPal, or by attaching the receipt of the bank transfer to the following:

headquarters in Urbino, Via Veneto
IBAN: IT60N05387687 01000042104175

In case of withdrawal, the registration fee will not be refunded.