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Recercare Vol. XXII (1,2), 2010


Lewis Lockwood - A tribute to Wolfgang Osthoff

Francesca Manzari - The international context of Boniface IX’s court and the marginal drawings in the Chantilly Codex (Bibliothèque du Château, Ms. 564)

Gioia Filocamo - To the Madonna, Jesus, or God? Choosing a lauda contrafactum text

Rodolfo Baroncini - Alessandro Gatti, poeta ed erudito veneziano della fine del Cinquecento: due testi in latino per Croce e Giovanni Gabrieli

Alexander Dean - «Ecco l’alma mia bella». Alfabeto and oral practices in seventeenth-century Italian song

Jonathan R. J. Drennan - Giovanni Rovetta’s Missa brevis: a symbol of musical longevity

Paolo Russo - Duni: l’opéra-comique prima dell’opéra-comique