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Il Ganassi

Il Ganassi, the FIMA official bulletin, is the main communication link between the Foundation and its subscribers. Il Ganassi is published yearly and freely distributed to subscribers; it contains news about the Foundation’s activities, communication to subscribers, editorial and record reviews, articles and essays on early music, scores specifically prepared for the Bulletin.

Collaboration with the Bulletin is possible by sending short essays, articles, reviews. Works in Italian or in English are accepted. Works selected for publication by the editorial office will be rewarded with a yearly subscription to the Foundation and the delivery of the current number of Recercare.

For articles and essays the size must span from 5000 to 20000 characters (including spaces); reviews' length must be up to 3500 charactesr (including spaces).

Among argumments of interest, restricted to early and baroque music, are:

  • Interpretation and execution praxis
  • Instruments making techniques
  • Organology
  • Analysis of single works or repertories
  • Aestethics of music
  • History of music

Contributors can send their pieces and a brief CV to the Foundation editorial office. Email:

Numeri disponibili per il download: