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About Us

FIMA - Italian Foundation for Early Music - formerly known as SIFD (Italian Recorder Society, founded in 1971 by Giancarlo Rostirolla) - is a non-profit organization based in Rome.

FIMA runs every year in Urbino an International Course of Early Music, an Early Music Festival and a Trade Exhibition for instruments makers.

FIMA publishes an annual journal called RECERCARE and maintains a specialized library.

For further information on our Foundation, dowload our social balance (in italian).

According to d.l. 91 of 8/8/2013, art.9, clause 2, it is published the Administrative transparency

Organizational Structure

The Italian Foundation for Early Music (Fondazione Italiana per la Musica Antica) is a cultural non-profit organization.

Fiscal year 2016 - 2017

Non-Executive Presidents: Giancarlo Rostirolla, Renato Meucci

President: Andrea Damiani

Board of Directors: Renato Meucci, Alessandro Quarta, Giancarlo Rostirolla, Orietta Sartori, Giovanni Togni

Treasurer: Massimo Monti

Board of Statutory Auditors: Maurizio Di Liberi (presidente), Massimo Monti,  Lara Amici.

Management Bodies: The Board of Directors charges a number of suitable subjects for each of organization activities:

Courses Director: Giovanni Togni (details)
Festival Director: Alessandro Quarta  (details)
Musical Instruments Exhibition Organization: Paola Pacetti
Secretarial and administration: Lara Amici
Promotion: Paola Filiani
Library: Margaret Abrikian Zaffaroni, Lara Amici
Press Office: Daniele Battaglia
Graphics: Carlo Fiore

Mandatory information according to Law n. 124 of 4/8/2017, art. 1, clauses 125-129

2017 Government grants

Amount Project
MIBACT  € 50.600,00  Attività Festival  Art. 25 - D.M. 1 luglio 2014
COMUNE DI URBINO € 25.000,00 49ª edizione di URBINO MUSICA ANTICA