Urbino Early Music Courses

The benchmark in Early Music since half a century

Born almost fifty years ago, when in Italy and in Europe the Early Music movement was taking its first steps, the Urbino Early Music courses have collected over time a unique wealth of experience, which places them at the highest level in the field of early music teaching.

The most prestigious performers and the most experienced teachers

Starting from the legendary pioneers of the sixties as F. Brüggen and G. Leonhardt, the Urbino courses have been maintaining the highest standards with the best teachers and performers of today: A. Bernardini, G. Nasillo, P. O'Dette, R. Alessandrini, S. Montanari, S. Mingardo and many others. The courses offer unique didactic chances and make possible to live the Early Music experience side by side with the most acclaimed teachers and performers.

A unique experience in the gem of the Italian Renaissance

The partaking in UMA courses experience goes beyond the priceless practical advantages. Every year, at the end of July, hundreds of young musicians and music lovers flock in the town of the Duke Federico da Montefeltro: here they will live for ten days surrounded by the beauty of the town, feeling a unique atmosphere that allows to perceive the symmetries of the spaces that many centuries ago spread the notes of the music they love. Painting, sculpture and architecture: but even more the urban spaces of an intact renaissance village as Urbino is, can inspire and motivate the musical imagination as no other town can do.


Urbino Early Music 2016

July 17>26 2016 

Urbino Giovani

July 17>23 2016


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Urbino Early Music 2015

  Urbino Early Music 2016. Courses will be from July 17th to 26th 2016

Recercare on JSTOR

Recercare, the FIMA journal, is available on JSTOR


I chose the Italian Society of Recorder Unique, Truthful, Ancient and Accepted.  Umberto Eco, 1986  

About us

FIMA - Italian Foundation for Early Music - formerly known as SIFD (Italian Recorder Society, founded in 1971 by Giancarlo Rostirolla) - is a non-profit organization based in Rome.

FIMA runs every year in Urbino an International Course of Early Music, an Early Music Festival and a Trade Exhibition for instruments makers.

FIMA publishes an annual journal called RECERCARE and maintains a specialized library.

For further information on our Foundation, dowload our social balance (in italian).


Recercare Vol lI, 1990


I. Cavallini - "Musica sentimentale" e "teatro della commozione": la poetica del melodramma nelle Osservazioni sulla musica di Gianrinaldo Carli / "Musica sentimentale" e "teatro della commozione" : the poetics of melodrama in the Osservazioni sulla musica by Gianrinaldo Carli

L. Cosi - I primi dieci anni di attività del Teatro Nuovo di Lecce attraverso le fonti archivistiche (1759-1769) / The first ten years of activity of the Teatro Nuovo in Lecce seen through archival sources (1759-1769)

L. Zoppelli - Lo "stile sublime" nella musica del Settecento: Premesse poetiche e recettive / The "sublime style" in eighteenth century music: receptive and poetic premises

M. Castellani - "Über den schönen Ton auf der Flöte". Il bel suono sul flauto traverso secondo Johann George Tromlitz / "Über den schonen Ton auf der Flöte". Tone quality on the transverse flute in the writings of Johann George Tromlitz

M. Canale - I Concerti di Paganini dal 1828 al 1834: problemi testuali e modalità esecutive / Paganini's concertos from 1828 to 1834: textual problems and performance methods

G. Rocchetti - Benedetto Bergonzi cornista, compositore e inventore cremonese / Benedetto Bergonzi: hornplayer, composer and inventor from Cremona

F. Lippmann - "Casta diva": la preghiera nell'opera italiana della prima metà dell'Ottocento / "Casta diva": the prayer in Italian opera in the first half of the nineteenth century


R. Baroncini - Giovan Battista Fontana "dal violino": nuove acquisizioni biografiche? / Giovan Battista Fontana "dal violino": new biographical facts?

I. Conforzi - Girolamo Fantini "monarca della tromba": nuove acquisizioni biografiche / Girolamo Fantini "monarca della tromba": new biographical information

U. D'Arpa - La famiglia Scarlatti: nuovi documenti biografici / The Scarlatti family: new biographical documents

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