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Urbino Early Music
49th Edition
July 20>29 2017

Courses Preliminary List

Lessons will be from July 20 to 29 when not differently indicated

For info and reservation calling +39.06.3210806 or sending an email to

Main Courses-Masterclasses-Seminars

Medieval and Renaissance

Medieval Music: Claudia Caffagni

Polyphonic Improvisation: Diego Fratelli


Masterclass on Monteverdi: Rinaldo Alessandrini

Baroque Singing: Sara Mingardo (25>29/7)

Baroque Singing: Lia Serafini

Baroque and Madrigal Singing : Claudine Ansermet (20>24/7)

Vocal Ensemble: Alessandro Quarta

Rinascimental and Baroque Singing: Sonia Tedla Chebreab


Baroque Violin: Susanne Scholz

Baroque Cello: Gaetano Nasillo

Gamba: Juan Manuel Quintana (23>29/7)


Recorder: Stefano Bragetti

Recorder: António Carrilho

Recorder: Han Tol

Traversiere: Marcello Gatti

Baroque Oboe: Alfredo Bernardini

Baroque Clarinet: Lorenzo Coppola (23>29/7)

Baroque Bassoon and Dulcian: Elena Bianchi

Horn: Elisa Bognetti (23>29/7)

Plucked Instruments

Lute, Theorbo and Baroque Guitar: Paul O'Dette

Historic Harps: Maria Cleary


Harpsichord: Enrico Baiano

Continuo: Giovanni Togni

Fortepiano: Carmen Leoni (23>29/7)

Performance Practice

Ornamentation and Diminutions : Enrico Gatti (25>29/7)

Ensemble Courses

Gamba Consort: Christel Thielmann (20>24/7)

Chamber Music: Enrico Gatti (20>24/7)

Dance Music: Stefano Demicheli (25>29/7)


Reconstruction, creativity & coreography: Lieven Baert

Folk Dances: Ulrike Sieferle

Afternoon Courses

Medieval and Renaissance

Solmisation: Diego Fratelli

Medieval Ensemble: Claudia Caffagni


Vocal Ensemble: Alessandro Quarta

Ensemble Music

Baroque Orchestra: Alfredo Bernardini (20>27/7)

Chamber Music: E. Baiano, S. Bragetti, E. Bianchi, C. Thielmann, A. Carrilho, M. Gatti, M. Quintana, H. Tol (21>27/7)

Chamber Music on Classical Instruments: L. Coppola, C. Leoni, E. Bognetti (>/7)


Dances for Monteverdi's Orfeo: Lieven Baert

Folk Dances: Ulrike Sieferle